Our Values

Functional elegance

Often outerwear is either comfortable, or elegant. We believe it should be both. Every inch of our garments is tested for quality and created with adverse weather in mind, so getting caught in the rain should never ruin your day, it just gives you the chance to accessorise.

Timeless style

Our designs are created without trends and fashion seasons in mind, our focus is on long-lasting design, and life-long service. When you buy from Wilschau, we commit to repairing when necessary, giving you protection for life. We always make as much information available as possible on everything we make, so that you can feel confident of quality with every purchase.

Respect for the environment

We believe that good style, fairness, and luxury can be part of everyday life, and we apply it to everything that we do. We’re devoted to working in a way that looks after the world and people around us. The result never goes out of style.

Zero waste

Overproducing isn’t an option for us. We use precious materials that work best when used in small batches. Limited units, and a pre-order sales model keeps our production naturally zero waste.

Discover our materials

Discover our materials

We prioritize the highest standards for materials in our designs. Every fabric is carefully chosen with a strong emphasis on environmental criteria, including recycled and biodegradable options.

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